Axon 7 Update: Android Nougat, Daydream and More!

    Axon 7 Update: Android Nougat, Daydream and More!

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    Feb 8, 2017 9:28:50 AM

    This week we delivered a huge update to our award-winning Axon 7 device that gives you greater flexibility in how you use your phone, as well as additional capabilities to explore new worlds. Check out what improvements have been made to the Axon 7 as it continues to deliver the best value of any flagship smartphone on the market today!

    Android N

    Android Nougat is the latest OS from Google, providing you enhanced capabilities to further personalize your Axon 7 and express yourself in more ways. Some of the awesome features you now get with Android N are:

    • An option to run two apps side by side
    • The ability to save even more battery power while on the go
    • Access to all-new emojis (Woohoo!)
    • Revamped, more functional notification updates

    So, what’s better than running the latest and greatest OS on your device? Well, how about playing in a virtual world…

    DaydreamAxon 7 is Daydream-ready!

    Android N also provides the ability to transport you to virtual worlds through Daydream, Google’s platform for high quality, mobile virtual reality. Not all phones that run Android N have the capability to run Daydream, but lucky for you, ZTE was one of the first manufacturers to support this VR platform. Now, through this update we can say our Axon 7 is Daydream-ready!

    What does it take to be Daydream-ready? Let’s just say the device must meet a long-list of standards in order to deliver an exceptional VR experience – all of which the Axon 7 checks off. Plus, when you combine those standards with other premium features such as dual, front-facing speakers and a 2K screen, the VR content you play with and watch is so much better.

    And when we talk about how ZTE delivers affordable premium devices, the Axon 7 is a shining example. Out of the three Daydream-ready devices on the market right now, the Axon 7 is the most affordable costing nearly half as the others. So you get an amazing experience through top-tier hardware that only two others can claim, but at close to half the price? Now I’d call that value.

    Additional Updates

    We didn’t just stop at Android N and Daydream – there are even more updates to share.

    Hiya – do you ever get unwanted telemarketers calling you, even if you’re on the no-call list? We’ve been there, too, which inspired us to do something about it. As a solution, we’ve teamed up with Hiya, the leading source for caller ID and phone spam protection services to bring their capabilities directly to you. Block and report any phone numbers you don’t want calling you while saving the numbers you do. Now there’s no question of who’s on the other line.

    Additionally, the latest update brings various security and performance improvements, as well as a new RAW format manual mode on your Axon 7 camera, which gives you more control in how your images come to life.

    So, what are you waiting for? Go to your settings, tap System Update and download the latest upgrade!

    Android Nougat

    Written by ZTE USA