Axon 7 Update Available Today

    Axon 7 Update Available Today

    By ZTE USA |


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    Sep 19, 2016 1:51:28 PM

    Since its launch, the Axon 7 has been met with rave reviews from both consumers and influential bloggers/outlets, winning awards from the likes of PCMag, Mashable, Android Authority, TechRadar and many others for its design, high-end audio experience (yes, we broke a publication’s music test) and overall value.

    Even with all these accolades, we are never satisfied and are always looking to improve the experience you get when using the Axon 7. So over the past month we’ve been testing, re-testing, and gathering feedback from our own Z-Community on what improvements can be made. And based on direct feedback from our Axon 7 users, we’ve been feverishly working to improve the device so your experience can be better than ever.

    With this first update we’ve fixed some minor issues and have added some features while enhancing others. Below is a brief look at just a few ways we have improved the Axon 7:

    • Access: We know security is important, which is why we integrated one of the best fingerprint sensors available into the Axon 7. But we also know that when you want access you want it fast so we’ve optimized the sensor for speed and stability so you can gain control more easily than ever before.
    • Battery: We all want a battery that will last for days without a single charge, but until battery technology catches up to our dreams we’ve made some improvements to enhance the battery performance in the Axon 7 as well as added a new feature/notification – Fast battery drain. With the new notification, when an app is running in the fore or background and it’s significantly draining your battery, you’ll get a pop-up notifying you and asking if you’d like to shut down the application.
    • Security: Have peace-of-mind knowing this update includes all Google security patches through September 1st.

    These are just three of the numerous fixes and enhancements we’ve made to the Axon 7 in this release. If you’re ready to update hit Settings > Updates > Next > Update.

    And, as we committed to updating the Axon 7 to the most current version of Android, let’s just say I’ve seen some Nougat crumbles around the office lately.

    Written by ZTE USA