Axon 7 Update #3 – Find Out What’s Been Improved

    Axon 7 Update #3 – Find Out What’s Been Improved

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    Axon 7

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    Nov 2, 2016 10:55:08 AM

    We have no doubt that the Axon 7 has been one of our best smartphones to date as it gives you access to HiFi audio, a sleek, uni-body style, and a premium user experience all at an affordable price. But we are always listening to changes you’d like to see made so we can continue to give you the best experience possible.


    The last update we launched for the device gave Axon 7 users some significant upgrades, such as improvements to the fingerprint sensor that made it more accurate and responsive, and an advanced battery that held a charge longer than before.


    As we’re always striving to deliver what you want, we still felt like there was room to improve. Which brings us to our latest maintenance release.


    These new upgrades will enhance the Axon 7 and provide you with an improved experience. Here are some of the features that will make your Axon 7 better than ever:

    • The notification bell is now optional – so what does that mean? Previously, notifications were hidden behind the bell on the lock screen. Now, you have the option to turn it on or off, so you’ll never miss an important email or text again. Woohoo!
    • Manage and close out applications easier than ever, so your battery has the ability to hold a charge longer.
    • Get a better focus on objects while filming videos from here on out, with a specific update to help capture the memory as you see fit.
    • Visual voicemail optimized for dual SIM, so you can keep on top of your voicemail box without having to listen through a series of old memos.


    The above are the main updates for this maintenance release, but we’re constantly working to improve our devices, so make sure to update your phone to experience the latest and greatest.


    So how do you get access to these awesome updates? Check for availability by clicking on Settings > Updates > Next > Update.


    And if you’re looking for tips and tricks on to use your Axon 7, or just generally interested in the device, stopover at Z-Community to join the online discussion!


    Written by ZTE USA