IFA 2016: Day 1 - Small is Trendy

    IFA 2016: Day 1 - Small is Trendy

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    Sep 2, 2016 7:47:02 PM

    If you want to know what gadgets, doohickeys, and thingamajiggers are set to be released in the Fall, just tune into IFA – ZTE VR Booth Demoone of the largest consumer electronics shows in the world. Every September technology brands introduce the latest in mobile devices, home appliances, and more. This year, things are getting smaller, literally. Smaller phones, cameras, and wearables are all made to work together and be easily transportable from one place to the next. Affordability is also a key theme this year, as devices are getting smaller, so are the prices.

    ZTE revealed the Axon 7 Mini, a smaller version of the already popular Axon 7. Of all the phones launched at IFA, media thought it was the standout device, so much so Digital Trends crowned the Axon 7 Mini as the Best Mobile Device at IFA 2016.

    VR is still a mainstay and ZTE’s VR setup at the show was one of the most unique. With ZTE VR you are able to walk around and engage within a virtual world, which is unlike other VR headsets that require the user to remain stationary. In this demonstration, you can see users test out ZTE VR through a simulation that takes you across a frozen bridge on the side of a snowy mountain (a much welcomed escape from the hot tradeshow floor). However, if you like it hot, there were also demonstrations at the ZTE booth that were heating up the dance floor.

    Overall, the first day was a great success seeing what the next cool gadget are and having one in the Axon 7 Mini coming from ZTE.


    Written by ZTE USA