Get to know a ZTE Team Member—James Meadows!

    Get to know a ZTE Team Member—James Meadows!

    By Jeff Norris | | |
    Mar 5, 2018 8:01:00 AM

    In the second installment of our “Get to know a ZTE team member” series, we are pleased to introduce you to another integral member — James Meadows, ZTE’s senior director of Marketing for T-Mobile and MetroPCS. He shared with us some specifics on what he does and loves about working at ZTE, as well as his favorite hobby (this one might surprise you!).  


    James has been a member of our ZTE family for just about four and a half years. He has many responsibilities including creating new go-to-market strategies and tactics for ZTE within the product portfolio of T-Mobile and MetroPCS. This means that he oversees all of the creative direction for how ZTE products are positioned at point of sale.


    What sets James aside from other team members? When we asked him about his role at ZTE he said, “I don’t like to let my job title define me to just those things that a traditional Marketing Director might be regulated to within his or her role.  For example, I’ve set best practices with T-Mobile’s finance team with how MDF funds are recorded and tracked. I was able to implement a new MDF tracker template that increases the effectiveness of tracking funds accumulated and spent with TMO and MPCS.”


    He truly never stops working and giving all he has to this company; he’s always looking for a way to further benefit ZTE. 


    James told us that what attracted him to working at ZTE was that he had a desire to be exposed to other cultures, and more specifically, wanted to know more about “how my Chinese brothers and sisters lived and worked.” He profoundly continued by saying, “There is a whole new world out there to explore if we only open our eyes and I’ve been fascinated by all of the deep history and heritage that my fellow Chinese counterparts have taught me.” 


    As a self- proclaimed geek at heart (at a young age of 8, his mother convinced one of the local college professors to let him sit in a nighttime programming class), James says another thing he enjoys about working at ZTE is that he is surrounded by some of the smartest people in the tech industry—and people who don’t just want to innovate, but people who are also passionate about for bringing people together through ZTE’s advancing technology.


    James shared that, “I can’t tell you how many times when I’m out in field talking to customers about how they use their phones and their new IoT devices they tell me a story about how their ZTE phone or their car SyncUP Drive has made their life better.  These types of experiences make me proud to work for such a great company like ZTE.”


    And when James isn’t coming up with ways to better market ZTE, you can find him at home designing and creating his own custom knives. James said, “I love the crafting skill required and science behind metallurgy. I’ve done a number of hunting knives for friends and some great builds for cutlery & kitchen.  My wife loves the custom knives that I have built for our home, she laughs at me sometimes as she says that our home never has a dull knife in the place.” We’re not surprised that James has other talents, but this is a unique one!


    Often people say that you have to love where you’re working and your products in order to sell them well and fully support them. James said that his favorite ZTE product is the first affordable phablet, the ZTE ZMAX.  We agree that this is one of our favorites, but he did say that he might be bias, since he came up with the name himself!


    We’re very thankful to have James as an integral member of our team, and are happy to introduce him to you all! If you missed our first installment make sure to check that out here and stay tuned as we bring you more insight into our talented company.

    Written by Jeff Norris

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