Sister, Sister! It’s National Siblings Day

    Sister, Sister! It’s National Siblings Day

    By Jeff Norris | | |
    Apr 9, 2018 8:00:00 AM

    If you’re like us and had no idea that National Siblings Day is tomorrow, April 10, or that it even exists, you’re probably scrambling to find a decent picture to post on your social media accounts to avoid looking like you loathe your siblings. Although, we can all probably agree that nothing is worse than sitting down with your brother or sister and spending close to an hour trying to pick a TV show you both agree on. Maybe them “borrowing” your car is a close second…


    So while we can’t help you secure your keys, we can help you hang out with your sibling and do something you both enjoy all while using one device. With the transformative Axon M, say goodbye to the endless battle of turning the family TV off and on, and say hello to all the possibilities of dual-screens. You’re welcome, parents.

    • Shop Online While Your Sibling Plays Games: We all know how irritating it can be when people assume siblings share the same interests, when you’re actually very different. With the Axon M, you can browse your favorite online stores on one screen, while your sibling plays Candy Crush on the other! Don’t worry about having to wait your turn; instead, spend some quality sibling time without fighting over who can use the phone.


    • Text the Family Group Chat While Recording: Family gatherings are full of reminiscing, games and laughter. Use dual screen mode to record your sibling pulling the latest prank on crazy Aunt Pearl, while texting your cousins a play-by-play.


    • Scroll Through Instagram While Texting: Want to catch up with your friends over the weekend, but don’t want to keep closing apps to look at Instagram? With the Axon M, you can keep up with your friends while doing some deep social media digging.


    • Get in Some Quality Bonding Time: When you and your siblings are apart, sometimes all you want is quality time without distractions. Well, with the Axon M’s extended mode, you can Skype with your siblings on a full 6.75-in HD display, or use it as a traditional smartphone to call and text one another on the go!


    Siblings are a treasure, and even though they can get on our nerves sometimes, we wouldn’t trade them for anything. We hope you take advantage of all the Axon M has to offer and get in some great sibling time!

    Written by Jeff Norris

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