New Year, New You: Clear Your Phone for New Memories

    New Year, New You: Clear Your Phone for New Memories

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    Jan 25, 2017 10:56:01 AM

    The new year is a time to make resolutions that will better our lives, careers, or send us on a new fitness journey… but what about our smartphones? Cleaning out your cluttered phone can be just as rewarding as the above, allowing us to clear out storage space and make room for the memories to come in 2017.

    So let’s start off the new year right. Here are a few tips on how to start fresh by decluttering your smartphone:


    1. Purge your pictures: We’re all guilty of holding on to those images from last year’s summer vacation, but maybe it’s time to let them go. All you have to do is delete duplicates, upload the rest to your computer, SD card, or cloud, and remove them from your mobile device. You’ll free up storage and still get to keep your memories – it’s a win-win.
    2. Uninstall Apps: Not only do we hold on to photos for longer than need be, but we keep our phones cluttered with apps we haven’t used in months. Use this opportunity to uninstall any apps you haven’t used lately or aren’t essential (email, social media, etc.). From there, organize what’s left into folders or onto separate screens, allowing for better visibility and quicker access to apps you use every day.
    3. Messages: Hoarding texts from months ago? Old messages, especially those with images and videos, can take up more space than you imagine. Delete messages that have been in your text inbox for longer than a week (okay, maybe a month if you’re worried about losing important information) and you’ll immediately feel relieved.
    4. Music: Similar to storing photos of the past, old music can take up a lot of space. Maybe you have a variety of songs, or went through a phase of downloading all the music streaming services – either way, take time to evaluate which songs are a must-listen for this year and get rid of the rest.


    Now, wasn’t that a lot easier than starting a workout routine? Let us know how you're starting off the new year right by connecting with us on Twitter - @ZTE_USA.

    Written by ZTE USA