August 28, 2019

10 Things to Know about the Axon 10 Pro: Now Available in the U.S.

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After months of speculation, it’s finally official. The ZTE Axon 10 Pro is available for pre-order in the U.S. — online at and through retailers Newegg Inc. and B&H Photo. With a fashionable design, flagship functionality and fun features, it’s the latest, next-generation addition to ZTE’s Axon portfolio.

Here are the 10 things you should know about the Axon 10 Pro.

1.  A Smart Choice

The Axon 10 Pro is a smart choice for consumers who are frustrated by the soaring cost of today’s smartphones despite only minor performance enhancements. The Axon 10 Pro is capable of learning your behaviors — meaning it performs better over time. Even with this capability and other high-end features, the device remains affordable.

2.  Fashionable Design and Smart Screen Display

The device features 3D curved glass and a large 6.47-inch screen, which ensures a thin, easy to hold smartphone with more screen. The Axon 10 Pro has a fashionable look and top shelf feel. A smart display takes it beyond just innovative design. It’s the first smartphone to integrate AMOLED and touchscreen into curved display. The device has Corning™ Gorilla Glass on the front and back of device. A reduced bottom bezel and larger screen provides more antenna room under the display for a stronger network signal. The screen is 6.47” and has a 92% screen-to-body ratio.

3.  Massive Memory and Storage Capabilities

The memory and storage capabilities on the Axon 10 Pro are robust. Combined with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor, you get a faster smartphone with 8 or 12GB RAM memory, plus 256 GB of storage. You can also get up to 2 more TB of storage on an SD card. The Axon 10 Pro is available with 256GB of storage and an option to select 8GB or 12GB of RAM. The devices are $549 and $599 US, respectively.

4.  Battery to Keep You Going

With its large battery (4000mAh), fast charging (USB Type C with Qualcomm™ Quick Charge™ 4.0 and Wireless Charging + Wireless QuickCharge™ 3.0) and USB 3.1 High Speed Transmission combined with the AI engine, Axon 10 Pro optimizes and maximizes performance for all day and all night power.

5.   Software For Fast and Smooth Performance

The Axon 10 Pro is one of the purest executions of Google’s Android OS on any smartphone available. No add-ons means your phone runs faster and more smoothly — apps load 30% more quickly. Plus, an updated version of the Android software will be provided by the end of the year to ensure your Axon 10 Pro has the smarts to get better with age.

6.    Bringing the Benefits of AI to 3 Cameras

Features like AI portrait lighting adjustment, AI motion capture and AI scene recognition bring all the benefits of AI to picture-taking on the Axon 10 Pro’s triple rear camera. It creates the ideal canvas to show off the perfect selfies and videos, with optical and digital zoom, smart tracking, and new portrait types. Other modes all optimized by AI create the ideal photo and video experience.

7.  Sensors Enhance User Experience

The Axon 10 Pro’s in-screen fingerprint scanner and facial recognition features are quick to unlock the phone. The RGB sensor is used to adjust the brightness and colors on the screen, whether indoors, outdoors, or in reading mode, making it easier to read and reducing eye fatigue by increasing clarity.

8.   Have More Fun with Multi-Media Features

From watching movies, listening to music to taking stunning pictures or selfies, or maybe just playing games, the Axon 10 Pro delivers what you want. The Axon 10 Pro features DTS:X® Ultra 3D sound, which provides a stunning on-the-go concert experience through the in-ear headphones included in-box. In addition to in-ear headphones, devices are also packaged with a TPU case, 3.5mm to USB-C adapter, and charger.

9.  Optimized Gaming

The Axon 10 Pro has been optimized to enhance the gaming experience, ensuring games load quickly and play smoothly. Superior image processing decreases load times and increases screen refresh rates which is especially important for demanding games like racing. The advanced cooling system dissipates heat quickly and avoids lagging due to overheating.

10.  Flagship Device Without the Hefty Price Tag

Starting at only $549, the Axon 10 Pro is nearly half the cost of other devices in its category — and includes all the high-end features you expect in a flagship device. It won’t slow you down, hold you back, or get in the way of doing what you want.

Pre-order your ZTE Axon 10 Pro today and see how much more you can get out of life with this affordable, innovative device.