May 15, 2018

5 Tech Gifts for the Upcoming Grad in Your Life

Graduation season is just around the corner. Technology will be as important as ever as the grad in your life moves on to new beginnings. To help find the perfect gift, we’ve identified five cool tech gifts.

  1. Wearsafe Tag: The Wearsafe Tag is a personal safety device that can also turn your smartwatch into a modern-day, mobile panic button to get immediate help. Users can discreetly press a button to instantly activate the power of Wearsafe and send an alert to  friends, family or co-workers. Hopefully they’ll never have to use it, but having can provide peace of mind.
  2. Headphones: Quality headphones have become more affordable making them an ideal gift for both rockin’ out or blocking out noise to help focus in the library. One of our favorite pairs is from JBL.
  3. ZTE Tempo Go: This device is a great gift for elementary school graduates, As the first Android Go device released in the US, the Tempo Go comes equipped with luxuries like Google Assistant and up-to-date security features, all for $80.
  4. Tile Pro StyleTile Pro Style, helps keep track of valuables such as keys, wallets and computers. With a slim, stylish and waterproof design, this tracking device contains an alarm that goes off if you lose your valuables, helping you find them quickly and efficiently.
  5. ZTE Axon M: The dual screen  makes our Axon M smartphone truly transformative. It’s the perfect gift for high school grads. They’ll be able to write emails on one screen while tweeting on the other or text you updates on their lives while also looking up the dining schedule on campus. Help your grad stay connected friends and family, while also giving them an important tool to conquer college.

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