5 Things People are Saying About the Axon 10 Pro

5 Things People are Saying About the Axon 10 Pro

With flagship features and functionality starting at only $549, people are talking about the Axon 10 Pro. We know it’s the best choice for your money. But don’t just take our word for it. This smartphone is ready to ship today, and the accolades keep rolling in. Here’s what users and reviewers are saying about the Axon 10 Pro.

The Axon 10 Pro buzz

Myriam Joire, a tech journalist, podcaster, and speaker, unboxes his excitement and says that the Axon 10 Pro is “pretty cool.” 

Jason Perlow, Senior Tech Editor, ZDNet, uses the Axon 10 Pro’s triple AI camera to show off a colorful midnight snack.

Annette gives the device the ultimate compliment. We can’t argue with that; it has one of the purest executions of Google’s Android OS on any smartphone available.

Android Authority keeps the superlatives going, and says the “specs are beyond what you find in other competitors.”

Tom’s Guide writes, “It’s a promising flagship device that packs some pretty high-end capabilities into an affordable handset.”

The Axon 10 Pro is the latest, next-generation addition to ZTE’s Axon portfolio. It’s clearly a smart choice for a flagship device. Order your ZTE Axon 10 Pro today. Available online at zteusa.com and through retailers Newegg Inc. and B&H Photo.