April 6, 2018

5 Ways to Spring Clean your Smartphone

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A good spring cleaning session doesn’t stop with your home. Cleaning up your smartphone and making room for more storage (or, tapping into that expendable storage option offered on devices like one of our favorites, the Blade Z Max) is a great way to declutter and remove unnecessary distractions from your life, which truly rests in the palm of your hand.

We’ve listed some of our favorite ways to organize apps and maximize storage so you can destress and breathe a sigh of fresh, spring air:

  1. Clean up your contacts: Take a look at your contacts and see if there are people you haven’t talked to in years. Delete anyone you don’t talk to on a regular basis. Yes, including your best friend from kindergarten that you literally have not seen or spoken to since the 10th
  2. Downsize your apps: We all know how hard it can be to erase something, but it’s time to say goodbye. Download programs like App Usage from the Google Play store to get insight into apps that you don’t regularly use – and then delete them. Doesn’t a cleaner, more functional phone interface just feel better?
  3. Install some cleaning apps: The Google Play store has tons of apps that clean your phone’s storage. One of our personal favorites, Clean Master, not only rids your phone of junk files, but includes an antivirus and helps boost your phone’s battery life.
  4. Transfer your photos to your computer: You know those childhood pictures of you and friends you keep on your phone because “they’re cute and I need them?” Yes, the same pictures that you haven’t actually looked at in over a year. Those. Transfer your photos to your computer library and free up lots of storage.
  5. Declutter your inbox: Everyone likes to keep old conversations, but when was the last time you actually went back to December 2014 and read what your best friend said to you on New Year’s Eve? Unless the answer to this question is “yesterday,” it’s looking like time to delete those old texts.

Once you’ve cleaned up your smartphone, your device will not only look different, but it will be much more functional. Make room for new experiences and memories this spring.