March 11, 2018

6 Ways the Axon M Improves March Madness

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If you’re a college basketball fan then March means only one thing — March Madness. Let’s be honest,  your bracket will take top priority, but ZTE can help you stay up to date and productive. So, grab your TV dinner and your Axon M.

  1. Check your Bracket and watch the game live: With 68 teams in the bracket and countless games, we know it’ll get hard to keep track of the tournament. Good thing the Axon M lets you pull up your bracket on one screen, while watching the game on the other! Don’t worry about the hassle of switching screens to see how your bracket’s doing; instead, focus all your energy and attention on the game itself!
  2. Text your bracketmates the latest move: Stay in contact with your fellow bracket-mates by updating them on the latest 3-pointer or foul, without taking your eyes off the game. Use dual screen mode to stream the game and open your messages at the same time.
  3. Check out the calendar while streaming: Is the team you picked to win not coming out on top, and you’re anxiously anticipating the next game for a comeback? Or are they winning and you can’t wait to see if they’ll carry their streak to the next game? Either way, open the March Madness Calendar, found here, in order to see when you’ll get another chance to test your forecasting skills!
  4. Don’t let March Madness bring madness to your personal life: Getting in trouble at work for missing a deadline? Or at home for forgetting to text your significant other that you’re staying after work to watch the game? The Axon M has you covered. Call, text or email all while watching the game (because really, we don’t want March Madness to come in-between real love).
  5. Scroll through Tweets while checking scores: Trying to see what your friends and fellow sports fanatics are saying, while also checking the current score? Open the ESPN app and Twitter simultaneously for the most up-to-date information!
  6. Experience a game on your smartphone: Maybe your favorite team is playing and you don’t want the extra distractions. Well, turn on extended mode and enjoy a full 6.75- inch Full HD display. Enjoy the experience as if you’re watching from home, by immersing yourself in a tablet-like experience. We recommend downloading the March Madness app to directly stream games live.

March Madness is a tournament unlike any other, and though we know it can be stressful, it is also so much fun. We hope you take advantage of these Axon M hacks, to make your March Madness experience a bit easier.