February 2, 2018

Amp Up the Big Game Viewing Experience with Axon M

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The Big Game is almost here, and at ZTE, we can’t wait! In just two days, whether you’re an Eagles or a Patriots fan (or just a Brady fan), your Axon M can transform your viewing experience. Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss a beat – because we all know how games can turn on the flip of a dime:

  • Tweet and text your thoughts on all the action: Watching the game at home? Use the Axon M’s dual-screen mode by tweeting your thoughts while taunting your friends on Facebook at the same time. Or tweet and text at the same time to remind everyone of your team’s last touchdown or field goal that could win it all. Friendly rivalry and a little bit of gloating never hurt anybody!
  • Share your favorite commercial: These commercials are just as fun to watch as the actual game itself – right? Well, even if you don’t agree, they are at the very least entertaining. When you see a commercial that you can’t wait to share with your social media followers, use Axon M’s dual-screen mode to search it on YouTube and instantly tweet or share on Facebook. Be the first to give your thoughts on the best commercials during the game.
  • Order pizza while streaming: We all know that even if the matchup is great, games can last a long time. Don’t worry about getting hungry midway; open the Domino’s app on your Axon M and order some pizza for delivery. No need for those stomach growls to interrupt and force you to go to leave the house, only to miss a game-defining moment.
  • Find your favorite Justin Timberlake song while you watch it: Hear a JT song you like from his new album and want to download, but don’t want to hit pause? Use your Axon M to open Shazam on one screen and Spotify on the other to instantly find and download. And just like that, your game got better.
  • Can’t watch on a television? Axon M has you covered: Hey, it happens. But extended mode has you covered! Enjoy the game with the device’s 6.75-inch full HD display. With this luxuriously big screen, you won’t envy your friends watching the game at home.

So grab a bag of chips and guac, some friends, and your Axon M this Sunday to watch the most anticipated game of the year.  Happy viewing!