Axon 10 Pro Users Share Their Best Images #ShotonAxon

Axon 10 Pro Users Share Their Best Images #ShotonAxon

From stunning seasonal scenes to mouthwatering dishes, Axon 10 Pro users are discovering a new perspective through photos taken with their new favorite device.  *Caution, reading on may cause envy.


Triple Cameras for Triple the Fun

Our #ShotonAxon campaign brings to life how users can have triple the fun with Axon 10 Pro’s AI triple rear camera. The 20MP front-facing camera creates a great canvas for a perfect selfie.

But before we show you the shots, first a few camera tips. In the camera app, you can hit “settings” in the top left corner to toggle on “AI Camera” and enable groundbreaking photo optimization with the ability to capture and track an object in motion with just one tap and automatically adjust settings for photos of “things,” such as plants, pets, cityscapes, beaches, and more, based on the ideal resolution and lighting.

Lowlight mode enables the manual adjustment of camera shutter for customized low-light photos. Filters: choose from seven unique filters such as Sepia, Mirror, and Comic to take creative photos. Click the flower icon in the top right corner to pick a filter.

Multi-mode allows you to take a variety of different photos with the Axon 10 Pro’s multimode options including Super Night (lowlight environments), Bokeh, AI Beauty, wide-angle, panorama and sport. Select a mode by swiping left or right at the bottom of the screen. Now you’re ready to take a shot.

#ShotonAxon Delivers

@camilos shows us the Big Apple through a variety of lenses.

@diamonddaveb67 takes advantage of all the Axon Pro 10’s camera capabilities for these contrasting fall vignettes.


Just a glance at this serene shot by @JasonSCarter will bring your stress level down.


@buffalosam88 makes us so hungry, we’re leaving for lunch.

Show us how you see life through the Axon 10 Pro @ZTEUSA #ShotonAxon.