August 4, 2020

Best Phones Under $100

Looking for an affordable and dependable smartphone? Check out this roundup for the best phones under $100!

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Best Phones Under $100

Blade A3 Prime

Best Durable Option

The ZTE Blade A3 Prime features a modern design and the same quality build and reliability ZTE is known for. The rear-fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock feature provide ultimate speed and convenience for unlocking the display and keeping information secure. A large 5.45-inch 720 HD display is both bright and tall with an 18:9 aspect ratio. 

$99 at Visible.

ZTE Blade A3 Prime

Blade A7 Prime

Best Design Option

The ZTE Blade A7 Prime is perfect for those seeking a reliable, pressure-free option that delivers on design and daily performance. The unique, matte backing is soft to the touch with a cloth-like texture juxtaposed against the glossy eclipse-shaped fingerprint sensor and unexpected red-colored power button.

$89 at Visible

Blade A7 Prime

Quest 5

Best Unlocked Option

The ZTE Quest 5 can support T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Sprint, Gen Mobile, Boost Mobile, Simple Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Red Pocket, Republic Wireless and other GSM Networks.

The Quest 5 is thoughtfully balanced, providing you with dependable connectivity that gets you ahead at a price that doesn’t set you back. 

The ZTE Quest 5 is the successor to the popular ZTE Quest Plus. 

On Sale $79.99 at Circuit City.

ZTE Quest 5