February 12, 2018

Famous Relationships that Could Have Been Better with a ZTE Smartphone

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Smartphones make great Valentine’s Day gifts, and there are plenty of fictional relationships that could have benefitted from better communication. Here’s a look on some of the best love stories  that could have been saved if only they had a ZTE device.


Spoilers alert!

  • Romeo and Juliet: In one of the most talked about romantic tragedies of all time, Romeo learns of Juliet’s death and decides to end his life rather than live without her. But, as we know, Juliet was alive. If only Romeo had a ZTE smartphone, he could have called Juliet right away and found out the truth. Maybe their love story would have been a fairytale.
  • Friends: In the last episode of the much-loved series, Rachel flies to London to start her new job. On her way to the airport, her longtime on again, off again love interest Ross realizes he can’t let her go. He drives to Newark airport to try and catch her before she takes off. Upon arriving, he realizes it’s the wrong airport. If only he had the dual-screen Axon M, he could have searched for her flight and called her at the same time. Oh, what could have been.
  • The Notebook: After spending a summer together, Allie is forced to move away from her boyfriend Noah and attend college. He wrote her letters every day for an entire year, but she never received them. Years passed, including an engagement for Allie, before she sees his house for sale in the local newspaper, convincing her to reconnect with him. If only Noah could have texted her everyday. The message of love would have been delivered, and the two would have not wasted so much time apart.
  • The Little Mermaid: After trading her voice to an evil sea witch to be human, the Little Mermaid met the love of her life Eric. Only one small problem – she couldn’t talk. If she had a ZTE smartphone she would have been able to text him or at least send a Facebook message.