July 17, 2019

Get a Bigger Bang for Your Buck with ZTE’s Visible R2 and Swap Program

Everyone likes to get more bang for their buck, but the means to do so can be elusive. We know smartphones are getting more expensive, so we want to make getting the most for your money easier. Through a new partnership between ZTE and Visible, you can get a quality, everyday device, a simple carrier and the flexibility to choose.

This all comes with the Visible R2 by ZTE and the Swap program: a customer-built device for Visible and the opportunity to trade in any Android device for a new R2.

Quality device for less

The Visible R2 by ZTE works seamlessly with Visible’s $40/month all-in plan. The device’s modern, innovative functionality gives you what you really need (and want) — think sleek design with an optimized 5.45-inch screen and seamless contoured edge display, Dolby hi-fi technology for optimal sound, and more. The device also includes:

  • A large 3100mAh battery and 16 GB of expandable storage for all your pictures and videos
  • The power of Android Oreo with the reliability of Visible service, backed by Verizon’s 4G LTE network
  • Top 13 MP camera with HDR, panorama, and time lapse for all your photo-taking needs
  • Capabilities to talk for up to 24 hours, surf the web, and directly manage your Visible service through the app on the home screen

Simple carrier for the modern-day consumer

Visible’s phone service takes meeting 21st-century consumers’ needs to a whole new level. Visible’s app-based service eliminates the frustrating experience of going to a phone store. If you already use apps to get food, rides, music, maps and news, your phone service shouldn’t be any different. A $99 smartphone with phone service just a click away in an app is almost as simple as it gets.

Visible also has an easy registration process with next-day delivery so you never see an interruption in service. Not to mention, the plan is just $40/month all-in for unlimited data with speeds up to 5 mbps, messaging, minutes and hotspot on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network.

Flexibility to swap devices

With the Swap program, you can trade any Android device for a brand-new Visible R2 phone (a $99 value), when you sign up for your first month of service. Here’s the fine print with additional information on the Swap:

  • Swap pretty much anything: Visible will take (almost) any Android phone. It just has to turn on.
  • No down time: Visible will send you the phone and SIM card first so you never lose service.
  • No hidden fees or long-term contracts: There’s no device activation fee, tax, shipping costs, contracts, or any other hidden costs. Just send your old Android phone within 14 days (otherwise you’ll be charged for the price of the phone).

Learn more about how to swap today

Great quality and a great price can be synonymous. Getting a bigger bang for your buck can be easy. Don’t feel locked into your current device or like you have no choice but to use an expensive phone carrier. Learn more about how you can Swap today and start enjoying the flexibility, simplicity and quality through ZTE and Visible.

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