January 14, 2018

Looking Back on CES 2018

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We are just off the heels of the biggest tech conference of the year, and boy, what a great show it was! In case you missed it, we’re reviewing our favorite announcements and ZTE moments and other exciting tech trends of 2018 we saw.

  • ZTE’s big announcement: This year at CES we announced an exciting collaboration with Wearsafe and Qualcomm, in which we will introduce a new category of wearables, creating the next generation of personal safety solutions. This new wearable fulfills a growing consumer need for personal safety that isn’t tied to old-school, clunky devices that simply are outdated, and solidifies ZTE’s focus on IoT and wearables.
  • ZTE’s Axon M announced as a CES Innovation Award honoree: We are proud to share that ZTE’s Axon M was given this special recognition at the show. The CES Innovation Award is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products—what an honor.
  • Advances in smart home services: Alexa is most likely what comes to mind when you think of a smart home device, however CES showed us that 2018 is likely to change that notion. Amazon Echo and Google Home are the two names you should be on the lookout for. Google home showed off google-assistant touch screens, made for your kitchen counter. Their competitor, Amazon Echo announced that they will be starting “Alexa Onboard,” an initiative that will bring voice controls to vehicles. The voice-connected future is most definitely here.
  • Sprint presents the first battery-powered payment card: Mobile payments are so 2017! Sprint announced a digital payment card that can function as a variety of cards (including debit, credit, prepaid or loyalty). This card holds information of multiple accounts and has cellular data to communicate with banks and change credit numbers in seconds.
  • The showroom display that made us stop: Lab-grown bodies? Has technology really come this far? Well, not quite. In the middle of the CES showroom there are two “lab grown-bodies inside glass pods” with “humans” that seem to be asleep inside. The only signage outside of the booth says Psychasec and is accompanied by a video showing how you can download human minds into new bodies. So, is Psychasec a real company? No, it’s actually a booth for Netflix, promoting their new show Altered Carbon, a science fiction series about an imaginary company.

It has been a great CES this year, and we already can’t wait to be back next year to see all the latest advancements in technology!