August 2, 2019

5 Ways to Celebrate #NationalFriendshipDay

”National Friendship Day” is August 4. The tradition started in the early 20th century as a ploy to increase the sales of greeting cards. Now, thanks to social media, the movement is more popular than ever. In addition to grabbing your ZTE smartphone and joining the hashtag frenzy,  Here are five ideas to show your love for your besties.

1.  Celebrate with a group selfie.

What better way to celebrate your friendship than with a new photo for your Instagram feed, or for the wall of your dorm or cubicle? With the 8 MP front camera of the Blade Max View you’ll have print and Instagram-worthy photos in a snap.

2. Catch up with friends near and far.

We’ve all been meaning to catch up with someone. Use National Friendship Day as an opportunity to finally make time for friends both near and far. Send a text to plan an outing for those who are local. For friends farther away, take advantage of the battery life of the Visible R2. Challenge yourself to wear out its 24 hours of talk time.

Blade Max View

3. Send a thoughtful gift.

It’s so easy to send a gift from your phone. Some great gift options include a subscription box, flowers, or an email gift card.

4. Create a custom playlist.

Many friendships have a soundtrack. Put a modern spin on the classic mixtape by making a custom playlist right on your phone. Music brings back moments in time. Relive those memories with great sound from the Dolby audio 3.5mm audio jack on the Visible R2. Share the playlist with your friends too!

5. Create a virtual card.

Speaking of throwbacks, give a nod to the origin of this commemoration by sending a card. Make a custom image right on your phone using an app like Canva. Then you can text it to your group of friends right from your phone.

No matter how you celebrate, take a moment to recognize the friends that make your life meaningful. When you post #NationalFriendshipDay — go ahead and tag us too! @ZTEUSA



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