5 Tips For National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

At one time or another, we’ve all been either the offended or the offender when it comes to cell phone calls. Whether absent-mindedly walking onto the quiet car while catching up with mom on the commute or conferencing in the coffee line, most of the time people are just multitasking.  As June is #NationalCellPhoneCourtesyMonth, it’s […]

5 Tech Gifts for the Upcoming Grad in Your Life

Graduation season is just around the corner. Technology will be as important as ever as the grad in your life moves on to new beginnings. To help find the perfect gift, we’ve identified five cool tech gifts.

Axon M Helps You Share on National Siblings Day

#NationalSiblingsDay is tomorrow, so you might be scrambling to find a decent picture to post on your social media pages. Although, it’s no fun sitting down with your brother or sister and spending close to an hour trying to pick a movie or series you both agree on. We’re here to help. With the transformative […]

6 Ways the Axon M Improves March Madness

If you’re a college basketball fan then March means only one thing — March Madness. Let’s be honest,  your bracket will take top priority, but ZTE can help you stay up to date and productive. So, grab your TV dinner and your Axon M.