3 Takes on the Science of Decision Making

At ZTE, we constantly think about what consumers consider when deciding on a smartphone. Our goal, of course, is to deliver what they need — for example long battery life and value for the money. Knowing all the influences on making this choice — friends’, family and colleagues’ opinions, shopping sites for reviews, product videos […]

What Consumers Really Want in a Smartphone

Nearly all Americans own a cell phone (96%) ­— 81% own a smartphone according to Pew Research. Now, after a decade of skyrocketing prices for minimal improvements, consumers are taking the time to choose differently to get what they really want.

ZTE Axon 9 Pro: Our Commitment to Consumer-Centric Innovation

The latest generation of our premium Axon series – the Axon 9 Pro – was recently announced in Berlin at IFA 2018 and represents the latest example of ZTE’s commitment to innovating through listening to consumers. Despite this device not arriving in the US, the Axon 9 Pro continues to embody the spirit of the […]