Back-to-College Techlist: 4 Essentials that Won’t Break the Budget

Back-to-school season is here, and the list of to-dos is long. Sometimes the essentials get overlooked. At the same time, students need to stay on budget. Whether returning to college or headed there for the first time, starting the new school year begins with having all the right technology to get work done and stay […]

5 Ways to Celebrate #NationalFriendshipDay

”National Friendship Day” is August 4. The tradition started in the early 20th century as a ploy to increase the sales of greeting cards. Now, thanks to social media, the movement is more popular than ever. In addition to grabbing your ZTE smartphone and joining the hashtag frenzy,  Here are five ideas to show your […]

Get in the Game with ZTE’s Lineup

Baseball season is in full swing and all eyes are on the boys of summer pitching and batting on the field. Every sports lover has a favorite team and player, like techies have favorite brands and gadgets. Stepping up your game is important on and off the field — and with ZTE’s starting lineup of […]

5 Travel Products and a Sweepstakes to Celebrate Summer

As you check off your travel bucket list this summer, here are a few handy products for a more seamless journey. And, whether you are on the road or at home on a staycation, be sure to enter the ZTE #DaysOfSummer sweepstakes!

Get a Bigger Bang for Your Buck with ZTE’s Visible R2 and Swap Program

Everyone likes to get more bang for their buck, but the means to do so can be elusive. We know smartphones are getting more expensive, so we want to make getting the most for your money easier. Through a new partnership between ZTE and Visible, you can get a quality, everyday device, a simple carrier […]