August 30, 2018

ZTE Axon 9 Pro: Our Commitment to Consumer-Centric Innovation

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The latest generation of our premium Axon series – the Axon 9 Pro – was recently announced in Berlin at IFA 2018 and represents the latest example of ZTE’s commitment to innovating through listening to consumers. Despite this device not arriving in the US, the Axon 9 Pro continues to embody the spirit of the ZTE brand and our unique approach to innovation. With its unique graphics optimization technology Axon Vision to artificial intelligence capabilities, and large battery, the Axon 9 Pro offers consumers an incredible experience.

Our innovation journey at ZTE begins with the consumer and explores how we can provide an improved user experience. While smartphones are devices that incorporate a balance of hardware and software, we begin by focusing on the human element – how will people integrate this device into their life, and how can we develop features and functions to best serve you, the consumers of these products?

Our second point of focus is on innovation. We are committed to “big” innovations which dramatically transform how people connect with friends, family, and the world around them. We demonstrated this approach since we first announced the Axon series that brought about a focus on high fidelity sound – an area consumers said was lacking in their current smartphone experience. Then followed that up with the revolutionary foldable smartphone, the Axon M. And we are continuing that tradition with the Axon 9 Pro.

Lastly, bringing this all together is our commitment to collaboration and two-way communication: ZTE and our community. We created Z-Community in order to develop a community of partners in innovation and R&D. Everyone in Z-Community is our trusted adviser and partner, and we value your input.

A few examples of how the Axon 9 Pro was developed as a result of our approach described above are:

  1. Axon VisionTM: a unique graphics optimization technology
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Battery Technology: Qualcomm® Quick ChargeTM 4+ and Wireless Charging

Axon Vision in an industry-leading technology specially developed to provide superb video resolution and clarity. To achieve this breakthrough, we utilized advanced video processing technology and an independent display processing chip to enhance image quality and incredibly smooth video playback, all while supporting HDR10 content.

The Axon 9 Pro provides leading Artificial Intelligence capabilities such as real-time speech translation, enhanced Google Assistant features, smart power saving that optimizes system performance through intelligent prediction and perception. Intelligent prediction and perception improves battery life and system performance by automatically closing high-power or inactive apps, automatically entering sleep mode at night, and combining an understanding of system lag based on user behavior prediction to optimize CPU performance for a superior user experience.

The advanced Axon 9 Pro camera utilizes Artificial Intelligence capabilities to adjust and balance lighting effects, track moving objects, and automatically capture moving faces. In order to achieve this impressive feat of automatically capturing moving faces, the Axon 9 Pro utilizes motion detection technology combined with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

Lastly, not only have we included the smarts to intelligently manage battery life, but we have coupled that with leading battery technology providing both wireless charging and quick charge capabilities. The Axon 9 Pro supports Quick ChargeTM 4+, providing a full charge of the 4000 mAh battery in only 2 hours through the default adapter in the package.

ZTE is excited and pleased to announce the Axon 9 Pro, which truly represents the spirit and conviction of the Axon series in its ongoing journey of innovation. We look forward to our ongoing with you, the consumer.

And, if you have not already, please become a member at and join us in developing future mobile experiences.